SAV3 is an experimental uncensorable platform with no CEO, no servers, and no content policy, with one objective: save the world.

How does it deal with spam/illegal content?

By only showing you content from players you save, and players they also save.

How does it deal with content discovery?

If you are a new player saving no one, it suggests players to save from a list voted by the governance SAV3 holders.

How does it deal with app store bans?

By not having an official app, it works in the browser through WebRTC.

How does it deal with DMCA requests and domain confiscation?

By being a single HTML page with no content/servers that you can save as and run locally or mirror.

How are liquidity providers incentivized?

4% of all transfers are forever locked into liquidity, 4% are distributed to liquidity providers.




NICE is a SushiSwap fork with total supply pegged between 69 and 420, with no premine.

How does the peg work?

Once the supply goes above 420, emissions are automatically cut by 100X and burn rates increased to 20% of transactions. Once the supply goes below 69, emissions are automatically increased by 100x and burn rates cut to 1%.

Are the contracts audited?

It uses exact copies of the SushiSwap contracts except for the simple inflation / deflation logic so the contracts should be safe. But it’s not guarantee that they are, use at your own risk. SushiSwap’s migrator is removed for extra security.

What does NICE do?

Nothing. It’s an experiment with no purpose.